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Try Apache Spark’s shell using Docker

Ever wanted to try out Apache Spark without actually having to install anything ? Well if you’ve got Docker, I’ve got a christmas present for you, a Docker image you can pull to try and run Spark commands in the Spark shell REPL. The image has been pushed to the Docker Hub here and can be […]

Dagger and Play 2 Java

I recently got the occasion of trying out Play 2 in Java and i must say the Play 2 Framwork looks actually really good in Java too. But, of course… there is a but, one of the few things that strikes you first, and i must say with great intensity, is the mandatory static methods that […]

How to remove scaladoc generation from Play 2.2.x Production dist

After a few hours of searching through the Play 2 documentation, the play-framework google group and other blogs or sources, i finally found this piece of code that i decided to share with you. So if, like me, you wanted to remove the Scaladoc generation and packaging inside the ProductionDist that you can create from […]