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Finding a way to compile

The last articles were a helping to getting into this project, but now it’s time to find a better way to deal with changed into the code of OOo. When you compile, as the last article describe it, you’re actually compiling the project as a whole and re-creating the installed files (or the dmg file), […]

Compiling under MacOs and Linux (Part 2)

In the last article we saw mainly how to compile under MacOs where the process is quite simple, it is actually even simpler under Linux, but you need to fulfil the right dependancies when configuring your system. Linux : So under linux, when you’ve your correct checkout of the svn, you need just like under […]

Compiling under MacOs and Linux (Part 1)

I’m currently working on a project with my school (the Ecole Centrale de Nantes) on (OOo) improving the way TabletPC can be used in a Linux environment.This project began with some modifications on OpenOffice Impress, so that now you can annotate a slide during the slideshow and change the stroke width and color (you […]

Accentuate, KeyJnote under MacOs

I had, and friends of mine too, some issues getting the new KeyJNote work under MacOs. For those who don’t know or remember KeyJNote was a simple program designed to create great transitions for pdf (Beamer based) slideshows.Then Apple decided the name of this OpenSource program was to close to its product KeyNote,and asked for […]

MacBook Air review after a month

I’ve been a PC-Windows user for many years now, i used to have an IBM PS/2, then Windows 3.1, 95, 98 onto 2000 and i switched for XP. I’ve been having Linux and Windows on my laptop for more than 2 years and when my XP became an incubus of virus, i naturally switched onto […]

Migration d’un projet Symfony 1.0 vers 1.2

Malgré l’évident désintérêt d’un non-geek face à un titre aussi passionnant, je tiens à laisser une trace autre que celle de mon expérience de cette transition difficile que j’ai dû réaliser. Bien sûr chaque expérience est à prendre au cas par cas et toute expérience est la bienvenue pour compléter ce tutorial, car je ne […]

Création du Blog

Bonjour à tous,voilà le premier post sur ce tout nouveau blog dédié à … beaucoup trop de choses pour être exhaustif, principalement technologique et aussi sur la vie en général.A bientôt car les hostilités commenceront d’ici peu, c’est garanti.