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Pour ceux qui travaillent

Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God par Kaiser-Chiefs

Useful tips : Insert a clob of more than 4k into database

In fact clob are designed to be large objects consisting of characters, so you might be surprise if you try once, with Java JDBC to insert into a database a String of more than 4000 chars… Because the system will crash without telling you any further explanation other than a SQLException. And as a matter […]

RMLL 2009 – and OpenSource lectures

After the work i’ve realised at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes with Frédéric Gelot, Aude Quintana and Pierre-Jean Parot, with the help of Thorsten Behrens and Eric Bachard on, i’ll be at the RMLL ’09 (Rencontres Mondiales des Logiciels Libres) to present this work on OpenOffice Impress. So if you’re in Nantes and want to […]

Introduction aux produits structurés

Je vais commencer une petite série d’article sur les produits structurés qui, bien que n’étant pas une de mes spécialités (loin de là) sont autour de mon travail. Mais avant ça reprenons déjà la base de vocabulaire et de principes qui vont aider à comprendre les produits que je vais essayé de présenter. Tout d’abord […]

Java Web start/JNLP and file access from within

This post is about an annoying issue that i’ve been facing with JWS, to sum up java web start is used to deploy throught the web java applications, and execute them as normal applications on a workstation. Thus you have to deploy it on a Tomcat server (using a war file containing the application itself) […]

New blog and Macbook Air review after 5 months

Here we go, it’s a new blog, i moved from to, but don’t worry i transfered all the posts in order to keep the memory from my last blog. Let’s see the future, this post is about another Macbook Air review, i already did one but it was four month ago and my […]

Useful Tips : How to create a thread that must get a result with a timeout time

Many times threads are really useful to use, but most of the time you don’t want an asynchronous thread to run forever… Especially when you want it to execute tasks or fetch some data from a servlet…It’s not always easy to think about how to do it, i once used another Timer thread to wake […]