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Changing Spark’s default java serialization to Kryo

Apache Spark’s default serialization relies on Java with the default readObject(…) and writeObject(…)  methods for all Serializable classes. This is a very fine default behavior as long as you don’t rely on it too much… Why ? Because Java’s serialization framework is notoriously inefficient, consuming too much CPU, RAM and size to be a suitable large scale serialization […]

Dagger and Play 2 Java

I recently got the occasion of trying out Play 2 in Java and i must say the Play 2 Framwork looks actually really good in Java too. But, of course… there is a but, one of the few things that strikes you first, and i must say with great intensity, is the mandatory static methods that […]

Highlighting field in memory-based Lucene indexes

I’m using more and more Lucene these days, and getting in depth on a few subjects, today i’m going to talk to you about how to handle the new Highlighting features available with Lucene 4.1. One of the main achievements with this new version is the creation of the great PostingsHighlighter. Michael McCandless wrote a […]

How to test and understand custom analyzers in Lucene

I’ve began to work more and more with the great « low-level » library Apache Lucene created by Doug Cutting. For those of you that may not know, Lucene is the indexing and searching library used by great entreprise search servers like Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. When you start to index and search data, most of the […]

Sharing PyPi/Maven dependency data

As time is always running out, i don’t think i’ll have the time in a while to work again on the data I collected for the last three articles, Going offline with Maven, State of the Maven/Java dependency graph and State of the PyPi/Python dependency graph. So, as it took me a long time to build […]

Going offline with Maven

At Lateral-Thoughts, we organize at least once a year, what we call a « Timeoff » where we get together in a nice place and hack on what we want. It can be a learning period or a startup weekend-like event where we hack on a product/idea. Last time it was in a nice house in Guérande where […]

Maven dependency graph

State of the Maven/Java dependency graph

So here it comes, the second part of a three part articles on dependencies in different world, the first part was about Python/PyPi dependencies and considering the size of the graph : 20661 Nodes, 14047 Edges,  I was able to show you the graph in an interactive javascript app using SigmaJS. But this times it’s different, after extracting the […]

La puissance et le contrôle

En développement, comme dans beaucoup d’arts martiaux, on peut devenir fort assez rapidement. On peut se fixer des objectifs (une ceinture, une victoire / maitriser une technologie ou réaliser un projet perso) et les atteindre rapidement selon le language, le maître et l’implication qu’on y met. Certains langages, tout comme certains arts martiaux, poussent à […]

Should i really learn Java ?

So i’ve been a professional Java developper for a few years now, and the question seems interesting to me. Should, let’s say a student, really learn Java even if he does not want to do « Enterprise applications » ? Short answer, Yes. Long answer, you’ve got to know what Java is and what it’s not, and […]

Agilité et BuildWall

Le point le plus important de l’agilité reste d’instaurer un climat de communication permanent avec un environnement adapté et une équipe soudée. Dans cette optique voici une initiative de Jean-Baptiste Lemee (@jblemee) : Enjoy et Vale