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Self-Improvement : Refactor my code !!

I don’t know any young developper who wouldn’t have liked a good review of its own code, but no-one could take the time to do so. Here comes Refactor My Code. The goal is simple : You post your code a you get a review. Best way for a Java developper to understand the ways […]

Self-Improvement : [Java] – Weak references (Soft/Phantom)

Adding to my series of article for self-improvement (especially) in Java, here’s a good link to explain Weak references (vs Strong references). As usual it’s open for comment the goal being to give anyone at least an idea of what it is and when it may be useful. Enjoy.

Self-Improvement : [Java] – ClassLoading in depth

As i’m reading a really great book form the series « the pragmatic Bookshelf » called The Passionate Programmer, remiding me of my (not so) early ages or some of my friends like catwell, baal and Tit’Aude. I figure i would myself have liked a post from one of my favorite blog allowing me to self-improve my […]