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PyPi dependency graph generated using Gephi

State of the Python/PyPi dependency graph

I usually work in Java/Maven environment, so when I explain to people that Python also has a package manager – a bit less heavy than maven – and that it’s working pretty well, I always have to answer the same question : « Ok, but how does it solve the transitive dependency hell ? » Also known […]

How to be a happy programmer (with Python) ? 2/3

In the series of the Python « features » that makes me happy last time i began with two concepts, the with statement and the list comprehensions, now i’m going to talk about Multiple assignments and the import aliases. Multiple assignments It’s a simple idea that lets you return a series of value and on the other end assign those […]

Using TOR with Python

There are many occasion where you may be limited using your own IP address, i will obviously only refer myself to « rightful » cases where you need to use different IP address in very short lapse of time. Let’s say you want to test your website localization functionality, or just access it using many different IP address […]

How to be a happy programmer (with Python) ? 1/3

I’ve just watched Hillary Mason’s talk in Pycon 2011 : And that got me thinking about all the python constructs that makes my day better, and i decided to make a list of them and their meaning. With The with keyword is the equivalent of the whole try, catch, finally triplets in Java to […]

How to debug Django using the Python Debugger PDB

Even if that seems common sense, i found out that there’s not that much sources that explains how to use PDB with Django’s bundle webserver.  So here we go, let’s say you have some treatment like that : def search(request): «  » » search (it’s written up there). «  » » if request.method == ‘POST’: item = request.POST[‘item’] # separate […]


Le FOSDEM 2011 (Free OpenSource Developer European Meeting) aura lieu ce weekend du 5 février à Bruxelles ! J’y serais et j’attends avec impatience un certains nombres d’events. Il va bien sûr, encore une fois, être difficile de choisir parmis toutes les confs disponibles mais si vous voulez mon avis sur les Talks et conf […]

Un hébergement qui vaut le détour : AlwaysData

Ok, ce n’est très certainement pas mon domaine d’expertise, mais je suis un programmeur Python, principalement sur Django et je cherche souvent un hébergement. n’est pas une société dont je possède des parts, mais j’apprécie vraiment leur environnement de travail, leur état d’esprit et surtout je viens de découvrir une chose encore mieux qu’un […]