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Just because i haven’t done anything lately…

and because i’m deep into the last parts of a new release (for my job), here’s a little thought i’d love to share :

Metasploit is Rising

Metasploit the famous exploit framework, allowing everyone to execute and study various exploits on any plateform is now rising to a more solid status. Originally the project was an OpenSource project made of many exploit developpers and friends contributing to build a strong and up-to-date exploit database. But the feature requests and bug fix requests […]

Looking for thesis and inspired science ?

One of these days when i was trying to find out more about scientific issues for my projects, i came accross many websites trying to sell me thesis and published documents about what i needed to know. But one of the most exciting discovery that i made was of this website : This website […]

If architects had to work like software developers

This is so true ! Direct Link >>