I’ve began to work more and more with the great « low-level » library Apache Lucene created by Doug Cutting. For those of you that may not know, Lucene is the indexing and searching library used by great entreprise search servers like Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. When you start to index and search data, most of the […]


I’m not usually doing a lot of book reviews, mainly because i’m usually not finishing any book i begin… But i decided to finish this one, and i wanted to express my views on this book. If you look at the reviews of ElasticSearch Server on amazon.com you will get a first opinion that i can only […]

Don’t get me wrong, i love Apache Solr, i think it’s a wonderful project and the versions 4.x are definitely something you should check out when building a proper search engine. But Elasticsearch, at least for me, is now the way to the future. If you need a few reasons why, read on : Out of […]

Je ne suis pas le plus aguerri des vétérans, et je m’en rend compte encore assez souvent pour savoir que j’ai encore des sempaïs dans plus d’un domaine (pas que technique) dont certains avec qui j’ai la chance de travailler, même si ce n’est pas tout le temps au jour le jour. Au fil de mes années […]

As time is always running out, i don’t think i’ll have the time in a while to work again on the data I collected for the last three articles, Going offline with Maven, State of the Maven/Java dependency graph and State of the PyPi/Python dependency graph. So, as it took me a long time to build […]

At Lateral-Thoughts, we organize at least once a year, what we call a « Timeoff » where we get together in a nice place and hack on what we want. It can be a learning period or a startup weekend-like event where we hack on a product/idea. Last time it was in a nice house in Guérande where […]

Maven dependency graph

So here it comes, the second part of a three part articles on dependencies in different world, the first part was about Python/PyPi dependencies and considering the size of the graph : 20661 Nodes, 14047 Edges,  I was able to show you the graph in an interactive javascript app using SigmaJS. But this times it’s different, after extracting the […]

PyPi dependency graph generated using Gephi

I usually work in Java/Maven environment, so when I explain to people that Python also has a package manager – a bit less heavy than maven – and that it’s working pretty well, I always have to answer the same question : « Ok, but how does it solve the transitive dependency hell ? » Also known […]

1. What is the coolest Python application, framework or library you have discovered in 2012? Mainly for APPARTINFO, but not only, i’ve been using every single part of Django and this framework is still as awesome as usual. But as i must talk about what i’ve discovered in 2012, i have to talk about some […]

c’est l’histoire d’un concept, vieux comme le monde, la démocratie. Au début, la démocratie athénienne était une démocratie directe, chaque citoyen avait le droit de vote. Ils votaient directement pour chacun des sujets à trancher et étaient rémunérés pour les journées qu’ils devaient passer pour la « chose publique ». Facile me direz-vous quand 90% de la […]