Handle Celery-dependent tests in Django and with django-jenkins

So in your life, one of these days, you’re going to realize you need tests, and that « maybe » you also need to test components that depend on several Celery tasks.

Well to help you make this day more productive and less painful, here’s a few tips.

First to make it work with Django-celery, a pretty good but small documentation is available here http://ask.github.com/django-celery/cookbook/unit-testing.html it may seems small and not enough, but it actually is enough. To sum up all you need to make it work with ./manage.py test is to change the test runner to :

TEST_RUNNER = 'djcelery.contrib.test_runner.CeleryTestSuiteRunner'

But it’s not enough, soon when you think everything’s over, you’ll want to deploy and make it go through Jenkins’s testing processes. Well i don’t know about you but to me the django-jenkins project is quite a good one and i use it everyday but it has one flaw, it already as its designated TEST_RUNNER so if you try to execute your tests through ./manage.py jenkins it won’t work and you’ll get at least a Connection Refused error.

Here’s how to fix this, the documentation says if you want to replace the TEST_RUNNER you may do so, but the class you’ll use needs to inherit from django_jenkins.runner.CITestSuiteRunner and if you want the Celery tasks to work you need to use the djcelery.contrib.test_runner.CeleryTestSuiteRunner.

Fair enough, here’s what i did. I created a new class :

from django_jenkins.runner import CITestSuiteRunner
from djcelery.contrib.test_runner import CeleryTestSuiteRunner

class MixedInTestRunner(CITestSuiteRunner, CeleryTestSuiteRunner):

Why not ? and used it as such defining the new TEST_RUNNER by changing the settings’s variable JENKINS_TEST_RUNNER to the newly created class.

And voilà.


2 Commentaires

  1. Since now, it’s obsolete.

    You could add ‘django_jenkins.tasks.with_local_celery’ JENKIS_TASKS settings instead.


  2. ah nice !
    thanks for the improvement ! 🙂

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