is officially forked : LibreOffice 3

I honestly have been waiting for this since the first day i met with Thorsten Behrens and worked with him and Eric Bachard on improving OOo Impress.

This is a great day ! That means that from now on, we can change anything in LibreOffice. And i can tell you that it wasn’t the case under sun’s reign. When Oracle took over Sun i hoped that it would change things with OOo, and in a way… it did.

What i was afraid of, and still is, is about the name and credibility associated with A lot of company and states switched over to after a long struggle to promote it as a great open source product.

Now LibreOffice will have to struggle the same way. A positive note is that this fork already has the support of all Linux distributions and many OpenSource communities.

I hope them the best and already donated in order for them to reach their financial objectives.

If you want to help and promote Libre Office, don’t hesitate Donate for the Document Foundation and vote for them.



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  1. Well, this is a fork. The source code is still the same mess. I’d rather put my hopes in Feng anyway, pure desktop office suites are sooo last century!

    When will we finally get an office suite as a CouchApp?

  2. You can see it like that, but i think this is more about getting it right. For a long time OOo has been used as both a perfect OSS example by mainstream people, and one of the most difficult contribution process ever…

    now it’s time to do it right and use OOo’s community to improve the office suite and not just follow microsoft office

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