Building Virgo on MacOsX Leopard

I won’t say that my contribution to this work will be tremendous, but it’s nice to know a little more if you want to try out building the ex SpringSource DM Server

A lot is already available using the Virgo project documentation :

But to sum it up, you just need to install Git, and clone the existing repositories available at The little tweakings you’ll need are more about MacOs’s profound attachment to Java 1.5 and the Virgo’s clear intention to move-on to (at least) Java 1.6 🙂

So to change your default Java 1.5 JDK Configuration you’ve got the perfect utility tool bundled within Mac’s twisted flesh, file:///Applications/Utilities/Java

Just drag and drop Java 6 to the top and you’ll be just fine.

Next step is to make Ant understand your intention to move on as well, just export the JAVA_HOME env variable to the right value :

export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home

And once again you’ll be just fine.



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