Self-Improvement : [Java] – ClassLoading in depth

As i’m reading a really great book form the series « the pragmatic Bookshelf » called The Passionate Programmer, remiding me of my (not so) early ages or some of my friends like catwell, baal and Tit’Aude.

I figure i would myself have liked a post from one of my favorite blog allowing me to self-improve my pratical knowledge of the world i’m working on, so here we go on the road to a (not so) uncommon Java advanced topic – the ClassLoader. As your humble servant i must, however, apologies because being an expert in many areas (but not this one), i’ll join myself to your reading for this great in depth post about class loading in the Java language, brought to you by O’Reilly On Java.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading it and (re-)discovering this area.

P.S. i’ll soon be going back to Paris, i hope we’ll take the time to see each other guys ++


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  1. TitAude30 · · Réponse

    Yeaaaah, see you soon in Paris.

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