Compiling under MacOs and Linux (Part 2)

In the last article we saw mainly how to compile under MacOs where the process is quite simple, it is actually even simpler under Linux, but you need to fulfil the right dependancies when configuring your system.

  • Linux :

So under linux, when you’ve your correct checkout of the svn, you need just like under MacOs to run the ./configure file and i can give you just one advice that is quite crucial never use the OpenJDK for Java if you want to compile OOo one day always choose the Sun Java JDK.

You’ll also need to download the mozilla sources like you did on MacOs, the configure file gives you the link when it needs it, so no problem.

When you run the configure file under *nux you will be asked step by step to fulfill several dependancies that are needed in order to compile properly (mainly -dev packages), and you’ll have to choose the compiler, you must do so by typing the following line when launching the configure file :

./configure --with-mingwin=i586-mingw32msvc-g++

And now if nothing failed you’ll have to run just like under MacOs the following lines :


And finally start the real build by going into the directory instsetoo_native and typing :

build --all

It should take a while but then you’ll have by default .deb files under the unx**** directory, and if you want the install files that you can run directly you just need to re-build the whole system and change the variable PKGFORMAT before by typing :

export PKGFORMAT="installed"

on the next post we’ll see how to improve the way one can build OOo in terms of compiling time, because you can’t do real testing when you need to wait 22 minutes before seeing the results of each tests.
You can also see more on the website of OOo : Building and once again, don’t hesitate to post comment if you’re getting trouble.


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