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MultiThreaded Test cases – Why ? How ? and What’s for dinner ?

Okay so to make a small introduction (i promise a tiny one) i’m starting to contribute into VirgoRT (ex-SpringSource DM Server) for me it’s an opportunity to work with great people, learn more about OSGi and work on a real JEE application server (and more). So i started to discover the kernel and decided to […]

Self-Improvement : [Java] – Weak references (Soft/Phantom)

Adding to my series of article for self-improvement (especially) in Java, here’s a good link to explain Weak references (vs Strong references). As usual it’s open for comment the goal being to give anyone at least an idea of what it is and when it may be useful. Enjoy.

Self-Improvement : [Java] – ClassLoading in depth

As i’m reading a really great book form the series "the pragmatic Bookshelf" called The Passionate Programmer, remiding me of my (not so) early ages or some of my friends like catwell, baal and Tit’Aude. I figure i would myself have liked a post from one of my favorite blog allowing me to self-improve my […]

Hibernate 3.5.0 will soon come out

As everybody know the main issue about Java technologies creating web applicates used to be too much XML verbosity. You had to write so much "descriptor files" that any technology (except maybe C++) was way more efficient into creating common websites. Now i say used to be because of many improvements, considering the well designed […]

Design Pattern : Proxy

Continuons un peu notre tour d’horizon avec le design pattern Proxy. Un proxy est, de par la nature du mot, souvent une interface entre plusieurs composants, servant de pont entre ceux-ci. Avec un Proxy, on peut contrôler des objets, tout en manipulant des "remplaçants". Un exemple souvent pris dans la littérature est celui d’une image […]

Advanced use of Eclipse for Java

Eclipse is a wonderful tool when you’re developing big projects using the Java programming language, but it’s easy to just see the monster as one big, buggy, slow, heck of a program and just enjoy a simple text editor with a few tweakings for syntax highlighting. But as you come to use it on a […]

Better web applications

Petit article sur un débat d’idées assez intéressant autour des Applications web et du meilleur framework/langage a utilisé. Je suis en simple spectateur compte tenu de mon poste actuel (très peu orienté Web) mais la conclusion sur Zope/Plone est assez intéressante et je ne manquerai pas de tester les deux lors de mes prochains projets […]

Modélisation de la C.A.F par des Threads asynchrones

Sur une idée originale de Divarvel, qui a un jour twitté que le meilleur exemple pour décrire les Threads asynchrones était la C.A.F… et surtout grâce aux C.A.F de Loire-Atlantique et de Moselle qui pour une fois m’ont donnée un bon exemple que je vais retranscrire de la manière la plus fidèle possible. !!!! CET […]


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