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How to test and understand custom analyzers in Lucene

I’ve began to work more and more with the great "low-level" library Apache Lucene created by Doug Cutting. For those of you that may not know, Lucene is the indexing and searching library used by great entreprise search servers like Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. When you start to index and search data, most of the […]

Book review : ElasticSearch Server by Rafal Kuc, Marek Rogozinski

I’m not usually doing a lot of book reviews, mainly because i’m usually not finishing any book i begin… But i decided to finish this one, and i wanted to express my views on this book. If you look at the reviews of ElasticSearch Server on you will get a first opinion that i can only […]

Sharing PyPi/Maven dependency data

As time is always running out, i don’t think i’ll have the time in a while to work again on the data I collected for the last three articles, Going offline with Maven, State of the Maven/Java dependency graph and State of the PyPi/Python dependency graph. So, as it took me a long time to build […]

Maven dependency graph

State of the Maven/Java dependency graph

So here it comes, the second part of a three part articles on dependencies in different world, the first part was about Python/PyPi dependencies and considering the size of the graph : 20661 Nodes, 14047 Edges,  I was able to show you the graph in an interactive javascript app using SigmaJS. But this times it’s different, after extracting the […]

New Year’s Python Meme 2012

1. What is the coolest Python application, framework or library you have discovered in 2012? Mainly for APPARTINFO, but not only, i’ve been using every single part of Django and this framework is still as awesome as usual. But as i must talk about what i’ve discovered in 2012, i have to talk about some […]

Snow leopard and Qt/PyQt 4.8.x won’t work

If you try to install, even with Homebrew the latest version of Qt the 4.8.x, you may end up haing a surprise like that : ImportError: dlopen(/usr/local/lib/python/PyQt4/, 2): Symbol not found: _kCFWebServicesProviderDefaultDisplayNameKey Referenced from: /Library/Frameworks/QtWebKit.framework/Versions/4/QtWebKit Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation This is coming precisely from a Qt issue that don’t seem to be resolved anytime soon, so […]

Handle Celery-dependent tests in Django and with django-jenkins

So in your life, one of these days, you’re going to realize you need tests, and that "maybe" you also need to test components that depend on several Celery tasks. Well to help you make this day more productive and less painful, here’s a few tips. First to make it work with Django-celery, a pretty […]

IncidentsRATP – IncidentsTransports est publié

Voilà c’est fait, après maintes péripéties et une attente longue je l’avoue, le projet est enfin publié en AGPL v3. Le code est disponible ici : Le projet est en Python utilisant Django, toute aide est bien sûr la bienvenue et la v2 se prépare tranquillement. Enjoy ! Vale

IncidentsRATP – Application IPhone

On peut dire beaucoup de choses, mais pas que l’on chôme. Une application IPhone développée par Benoît Clouet est en préparation et bientôt prête pour être testée. Nous avons beaucoup travaillé ensemble sur la communication avec l’API du site, et voici un petit screencast de présentation de la version de test actuelle (chargement un peu […]

IncidentsRATP – La lettre

La, maintenant célèbre, lettre de la RATP que j’ai reçu me demandant d’arrêter toute activité sur J’ai bien sûr retiré toutes références aux personnes et adresses y compris le personnel de la RATP. Lettre RATP – Partie 1 Lettre RATP – Partie 2


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